We want to know YOUR story!

Why tell your story?

We would love to hear your Vertical story! Whether you are new and visiting, a current partner or a current partner who volunteers, tell us what Vertical means to you. What brought you to Vertical? What is your favorite part of belonging to Vertical Church? It's YOUR story so YOU choose!

Your story is powerful. There are many people who don't know what Vertical Church is all about and despite our many resources like Newcomers Connection and Launch, we know that nothing can account better for personal experiences like the stories of those who experience Vertical.

So, take a second, and tell your story. Your story will help us grow as a family as well as a church as a whole. Most importantly, your story can provide a unique perspective for someone interested in joining and more importantly, encouragement for those considering following God fully and knowing Him deeply.

Check Out Some of Our Stories

Here at Vertical Church, we want more FOR you than FROM you.
Check out some of our partner testimonies. We pray that their stories can bless and even encourage you

Jason Pridgen

Communications Director
Vertical Church has called me not just to be a better church attendee,
but to be a better servant and leader.
Since attending Vertical, I no longer see volunteering as a sacrifice.
It's something I get to do to assist myself and others
in knowing God fully and following Him fully.

Lauren Watkins

V-Kids Director
Being a partner here at Vertical Church is an honor. I’m compelled to not just be a hearer of the gospel but to live out the gospel in my everyday life. Being able to engage in healthy community here gives me the opportunity to be equally challenged and comforted in my walk with Christ. I pray that anyone looking to become at partner at Vertical church feels the joy of what it means to truly belong to the family of Christ, and that belonging urges you to not only say yes to Vertical but to ultimately say yes to Jesus.