We are saved into the family of God and sent out onto the Mission of God.


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We believe that we are called to come alongside each of our partners to help serve one another in the context of community.  Below are a few of the ways that we offer care and support.


The Deacons of Vertical Church serve to help provide connection and care for the Partners of Vertical Church.  If you are a partner of Vertical Church and have not been connected to one of our deacons please let us know so that we can serve you. Contact a Deacon Click Here

Vertical Care

Vertical Care aims to walk alongside the Vertical family during life's transitions or challenging moments.   If you are looking for some form of prayer, hospital visit, one-to-one care, or just going through a transition in life.  Please let us know. Click Here to email a Care Team Member.

Premarital Coaching

We offer premarital coaching for those that are seriously dating, engaged, and just married.  This resource is designed for those who are just engaged and preparing for marriage.  If your desire is to have a staff pastor at  Vertical Church officiate your wedding then premarital coaching is a requirement. Click Here


Vertical Church does not currently offer in-house counseling.  We do encourage counseling and can recommend counselors for you.  We can recommend a counselor in the event you are trying to find one.


If you have experienced a loss in your family we can walk alongside you to help with making arrangements.  Please let your deacon know about your loss.  Be sure to contact the Care TeamClick Here

Family Commisioning

At Vertical we believe that the family is God's first platform for discipleship.  If you have recently had a new edition to your family please let us know so we can come alongside you to help where we can.  We are praying for you! Click Here

Make Space Stewardship

We want to come alongside all of our Partners to help them best steward the financial resources God has given them.   We have courses, training, and a host of resources for those that are connected to Vertical Church to connect.  Click Here to learn more.

Be come A Partner

If you are ready to become a Partner your next step is to complete Launch at Vertical Church.