Serve Teams

We are most like Christ when we serve!

Join a Team, Find Community, and Make a Difference

At Vertical we believe we that we are most like Christ when we serve. As Jesus models before us as the ultimate servant in his life and death (Mark 10:45) we also aim to serve like Christ.  Paul calls that Church to take on the mindset as Christ did, and that is what we pray happens for those that serve at Vertical Church (Philippians 2:5-7) We believe that everyone that serves is a leader in our Church as they participate in helping lead people to Christ with how they serve the Mission of the local Church.  Serving is not just a response to the need of the Church, it is a response to the Gospel that has changed our lives in an effort to help others know the same truth.
Find out more below about the various serving opportunities at Vertical Church. 
If you are interested in learning more about a serving team or you are ready to start helping please click the link below to get connected o a serving team.

Sunday Serving Opportunities

Guest Services

The Guest Services Team ( Parking, Greeters, Ushers) aims to create a welcoming experience for all that attend weekend worship gatherings at Vertical Church.  
Details: Serve 2-3 times/month; arrive 30 minutes before service starts, commit for 6 months.

A/V Media Production

Media  (A/V, Computer Graphics, Lighting, Photography, and Service Production)  help Vertical Church share the message of Jesus Christ  for both in-person and online worship  
Details: Serve 2-3 times/mont; arrive 45mins before service starts, commit for 6 months. 


The Environments Team (Set-Up/Tear Down, Security, Sanitation) serves to ensure the spaces that we gather are free of barriers, safe, and clean for all in attendance.  
Details: Serve 1-2 times/month; arrive 75 minutes before service starts; commit for 6 months; light to medium lifting possibly required.

Music & Arts

The Music and Arts ( Vocalist, Musicians, and Arts) seek to serve by championing the celebration of our great God.
Details: Serve 2-3 times/month; arrive 60-90 minutes before service starts; 6-month commitment, light lifting may be required for setting up equipment. 

Vertical Kids

Vertical Kids ( Teachers, Teacher Assistant, Service Coordinator,) exist to help kids establish a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
Details: Serve 1st & 3rd Sunday ; arrive 30 minutes before service; 6-month commitment; background check required.

Monday - Sunday Serving Opportunities


The Connections Team ( New Guest Host, Follow Up, Church Online,  and Launch ) serve to help those that want to take the next step at Vertical Church in becoming a part of the Vertical Church community.  This team aims to actively engage the Vertical Community to ensure we provide opportunities and pathways to facilitate connection with Vertical.
Details: Serving varies due to ministry assignments;
6-month commitment.

Vertical Cares

The Vertical Care Team (Prayer, Sick Visits, Life Transitions, Pre-Marital Coaching, Family Commissioning) serves to walk alongside the Vertical Church family through life.  We are called to bear one another's burdens and celebrate with others in times of joy.  The Care Ministry aims to facilitate care in those moments of life.
Details: Serving will vary according to ministry needs; 1 year Commitment

Mercy Ministry

The Mercy Ministry Team serves to help facilitate relationships with the community and create pathways for Vertical Church to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the local community and abroad.  We aim to serve people to people can ultimately see God's love for them.
Details: Serving will vary according to ministry needs.


The Equipping Team ( Growth Track Teachers, Training Facilitators, Launch  Teachers) serves to help develop, create, and teach content for the Vertical Church.  Ephesians 4 calls us to equip the Church for the work of ministry, and we believe those gifts to do so are within the Church.
Details: Serve 3 Times a year for 4-week courses.  Time will vary on the need for the course.


The Stewardship Team serves as a resource to Vertical Church to help the Vertical Church family best steward the things that God has given them.  This team serves by providing training, information, and courses to help with personal stewardship of time, resources, and finances.
Details: Serving varies on the needs of the ministry team.

Support Services

The Support Services Team (Administrative, Creative, Church Projects, Ministry Team Support) aims to be supportive ultimately in the area of help. This team comes alongside various ministries, teams, and leaders to help assist in the completion of projects, tasks, and the mission of Vertical Church. This team helps everyone all the time.
Details: Serving times will vary according to availability and projects/assignment; 1-year commitment.