Growth Tracks

Practical equipping for gospel living

Welcome to Growth Tracks

Equipping the Church for the work of the ministry.

Growth Tracks are 3-4 week sessions on specific topics of study and development.  Ephesians 4:11-16 tells us that Jesus has given to the Church leaders who are assigned to equip the Church for the work of the ministry. As we equip the Church to complete the mission of the Church, the church will grow into maturity.   The purpose of Growth Tracks at Vertical Church is to provide biblical and theological teaching so that Christians can live out their faith for Christ each and every day.  If you are interested in growing and maturing your walk with Christ then Growth Tracks is the next step for you.

Growth Track Catalog

Vertical Church offers Growth Tracks and are continuing to add to our catalog to help equip our Church.  stay tuned for when these course are offered again.


Foundations walk through the core understandings of the Christian faith.  In foundations, you can expect to take a clear understanding of the gospel, salvation, the church, discipleship, and the mission of the Church.

Basics of the Bible

Basics of the Bible will walk through a basic understanding of the origin, structure, and purpose of the Bible.   Learn how to best read, study, and interpret the bible .

Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines share the purpose and practice of the spiritual disciplines necessary for fruitful gospel living. Learn the basics of prayer, bible reading, fasting, generosity, serving, among many other disciplines.

Apologetics - I

Apologetics is the work of giving a reason for your faith.  We live in a culture where we are constantly bombarded with doubt and skepticism and it can even come up in our personal walk with Christ.  Apologetics walks through the why, how, and when of defending our faith. This course will also tackle some of the common questions and doubts about Christianity and how to address those questions in a conversation.


The Church has been commissioned to make disciple-making disciples. Multiply walk through the basic understanding and training for how to raise up disciples.  Disciple-making is the responsibility of every believer and we want to give you the tools.

Faith + Culture

Faith + Culture is a growth track designed to help Vertical Church understand how we intersect our faith with the world around us.  In this growth track we will share about common challenges that cause concern about Christianity.  Learn how the bible shapes how we see sexuality, race, immigration, identity cult groups, politics, and much more.

Neighboring 101

Christians are called to live on Mission in the local context.  Neighboring 101 we will learn what it means to really be a good neighbor.  Learn what the bible says about how we show mercy and how the gospel shapes how we walk alongside others in our community.

Go Global

In the Go Global Growth Track we talk about what it means for us to take the Gospel to unreached and under reached people groups locally and abroad.  Learn what steps you need to take to start reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Beyond Learning Labs

Beyond Learning Labs are an extension of our Mission and Vision in an effort to offer practical training and resources for the community of Vertical Church.  These courses include Financial Peace University, Estate Planning, and Parenting, with more to come.