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About Vertical Church

Vertical Church is best described a gospel centered disciple making church based in Hillsborough, NC.  Vertical Church launched out in 2013 with 8 partners led by Pastor Ryan Brooks. Vertical Church has become known for having heart passion for discipleship and reconciliation. Vertical Church dreams to see 1,000 discipleship relationships by 2030.  Click the link below and find out more about our beliefs, meet our leadership, and find out how you can be a part.

Newcomers Connection

We know getting plugged into a local Church can at times be a bit challenging.  You are trying to get a feel, you have a few questions, you do not know who really to talk to about taking the next step.  We have created a place just for you to try to help connect all of those dots for you.  Every 2nd Sunday, we want to host  Newcomers Connection immediately after our Sunday morning worship service.  It's a brief introduction meeting where you can meet the leadership, ask a few questions, and even find out how to take your next step at Vertical Church.  Sign Up for the next newcomers connection so that we can plan to meet you.

Become A Partner

Vertical Church is a group of believers saved into the family of God sent on the mission of God as a community.  If you want to be a Partner in this mission and call Vertical Church home then Launch is for you.  At Launch you will learn about we believe, what it means to be a part of this local Church, how you can serve, and where Vertical Church is going.  Launch is the first step for those that are interested becoming a partner(member) at Vertical Church.

Find Community

We connect, grow, care, make disciples in the context of community.  Find out more about how to get involved in Missional Community Groups and Discipleship Groups as Vertical Church,

Join a Team

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Impact the Community

Your ability and availability are tools that can be used to further the work of God and his Church.  Find out how you can serve with us in our local community,  and make a difference in the lives of others.

Get Connected to Vertical Church

We want to connect with you and it all starts with completing our digital connect card.