Get Started today with the Reading Plan

Start Here: A Message from Pastor Ryan

Approaching a 12 Month Bible Reading Plan can feel and seem outside of your grasp, but fear not.  We have a game plan.  Be sure to watch the video above to help ensure that you make the most of our Church-Wide Reading plan at Vertical Church,

Church-wide Bible Reading Plan

Jump right in with us as we read through the entire Bible in the 12 months as a Church.  You can pick up wherever we are and jump right in.  At Vertical Church, we have a high view of scripture and believe that being a Disciple of Jesus Christ means we seek to know God through his written word.  

Video Resources

We have listed below a few Bible Project resources that we feel will be very helpful for you as you follow along with our Church for the Bible Reading Plan.

Book Guides

Each book of the bible has its own themes, audiences, and author.  Learning these themes before reading the book of the bible will help you understand your reading.  Watch these 4-8 minute videos to help you prepare for each book of the Bible.

Biblical Themes

There are common themes that are covered across much of scripture that can feel confusing at times so we have some help here for you.  Scroll through some of the Theme videos to help give clarity to what these themes mean in the bible.

The Story of the Bible

One of the most beautiful parts of the Bible is that it is the collection of many different books by several different authors but follows the line of One Story.  Watch this video to get an idea of the one story that the Bible is aiming to communicate.


Our  Campfire Conversations  content is designed to help you Know God Deeply and Follow God Fully as a Disciple of Jesus Christ. We aspire to provide content and resources that further your walk with Christ and those around you. No matter your medium  of choice, we have what you need. Whether you like to read, or enjoy great conversation, Campfire Conversations is for YOU!

Rooted- Sermon Series

Did you know Vertical Church shared a Sermon series on how to study the Bible?  Go back and listen to this 4 part sermon series as we talk about what it means to study the Bible as Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Helpful ways to stick with a Reading Plan

Choose a Time

It is often helpful to choose a specific time when you want to read through your bible each day.  It is like setting an appointment to have meaningful time with God.  This does not mean you will always have the opportunity, but it helps when it is an aim.

Choose a Place

Where exactly do you plan to read your bible?  Will it be in the morning while your house is still quiet?  Will it be on your lunch break at work? Identify a place that you feel is free of distractions that allows you to be present with your reading.

Share with Others

When you make a plan to share with others what you are reading it helps keep you accountable to read your bible.  It also helps foster Christ-centered conversation in your life with others.

Read in Community

Accountability is important.  As a Church we are reading through the Bible together and encouraging each other is super important.  Having other people ask about your reading or knowing that you will share with them at some point in the week will be helpful for your reading rhythm.  Join up with a Missional Community Group to read through scripture and discuss together.

Start a Journal

One of the ways you can make your bible reading meaningful is to pair with journaling through scripture.  Journaling gives you some structure to how you can engage with God's word and respond to God's word.

Use Other Tools

While reading a paperback copy of the Bible, it is always encouraged to be sure to use other tools as needed. Tools such as audio bibles and digital bibles on phones, tablets, and computers.  Switching up the tools from time to time can be helpful in how you engage the scriptures.